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Telephone System Line Fault Check - Telephone System Engineer Services

Telephone System Line Fault Check

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There are many ways to check if your telephone system is faulty and narrow down the fault.
First, you should check if the system has power and the power is going to the handset which you are using, you can confirm this if the screen on the handset has power.

If you do not have power then it’s a likely a system fault and you would need to call an engineer.

Secondly, if you have power, you need to lift the handset and check if you can get an outside dial tone, if so try making a call, if you can make a call then that’s fine, otherwise it may wise to call your line provider and ask them to carry out a line test.

If you can make but not receive calls, you should check the following:

1. What happens when you dial your telephone number, if you get a busy/ engaged tone then the fault will most likely be on the line and you should contact the line provide.

2. If you do not get a busy tone but you hear three beeps and then the phone is cut off, this is most likely a system fault and you should contact us for an engineer call out.

It is always useful to find where the telephone lines come into the building and ensure the connection from the line box to your system is secure, you can trace the cable and ensure it is securely connected to both the system and your line box, if you can see the cable is damaged and deteriorated then this may need to be rewired. Our engineers can carry out internal rewiring and test your connection.

If your line provider has carried out a line test and an engineer has been to the site to confirm that the line does not have a fault then the fault is most likely within your system wiring or the line card in the system.

If you have more than one line then you can swap the lines on the system and carry out a test to see if the faulty line moves, or if the same line on the system stays faulty after you have swapped the lines on the system then this can indicate a fault on the port of the line card, if you have a spare port our engineer can move the line to the spare port and program the line to work for you, if you do not then you may require a replacement line card.

Our engineers are certified to work on a wide range of systems and if you do not feel comfortable to carry out the steps to narrowing down a fault then we can come out and do this for you, we will try our best to solve the fault and 90% of faults are fixed within the first hour.

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