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Business Services – Phone System Installation

Telephone System Engineers Service are equipped to provide you with a professional and convenient way to help you decide on your phone system installation needs.

Consultation time- Our consultants after discussion and personal meeting with you, will evaluate and suggest the best fit installation plans that will be the best fit for your business needs. Whatever the size of your business, Telephone System Engineers can help you out.

One day installation- Our highly professional and trained engineers will assist you to get your new telephone system installed as early as possible, preferably on the same day.

We understand how valuable your time is and how important it is to get your new telephone system up and running. That is why our engineers target same day installation and training, so that your communication lines will be cleared and you can resume sealing your business deals.

Step 1

Installing the new handsets into your current set up- this will allow you to run test trials to be trained about the new features of your handset. In the meantime, the lines will be transferred

Step 2

Once the lines are transferred, our engineers will continue and complete the installation process
No down time- no time lost-
While the process of installation, training, consulting is happening, your existing lines will continue to function so you don’t lose out on business opportunities in this time

Step 3

Training- we will ensure that your staff is well equipped to use your new telephone system with ease and are updated on every new feature. All this without losing any time and during the process of installation and line transfers.

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