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Pabx Business Telephone System

Whether yours is a new start-up business looking to expand and grow with small steady steps or a well-established successfully running business enterprise, a comprehensive business telephone system is integral part of your business framework. Depending on the needs of your organisation and industry and type of service you provide, we offer you the flexibility and reliability that you are looking for. We have a wide range of communication tools and systems for you to choose from- simple and traditional digital systems to the more advanced IP based network system.

Versatility for you to choose from

We work with brands like Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba, Siemens, NEC and LG, to give you a complete office / business telephone system that meets your requirements.

We have options for you to choose from telephone systems that cater to small businesses less than 50 persons, mid-level businesses up to 200 members and also large-scale businesses of up to 20,000 users.

In short, we offer a telephone system range that includes IP Phone Systems, Hybrid Phone Systems, Digital Phone Systems and Analogue Systems which are easy to set up. You can also gradually change over from a traditional digital system to an IP based network while managing your budget.

Enjoy the rich and flexible features of this telephone system in one single unit.

Benefits of our feature rich inputs

  • On-hold messages and advertorials- keeping your customers engaged while on hold with music, greeting messages and of course any messages you want to share with them about your products
  • Call Centre Management- like queue status announcements, live call monitoring, automatic call recording, activity reports
  • Caller Details- get all your caller’s details even before you answer your call.
  • Professional voicemail- to leave back a message for your caller in case you are unable to receive the call at the time.
  • Expandable capacity- it has a capacity of IP ports of 6 extensions which is expandable up to 288 extensions.
  • Additional IP features- like mobile linking, email, voicemail, chat windows, and activity information

You can choose your PBAX telephone system to have exclusive wireless / corded headsets for a handsfree experience.

Our PBAX Telephone System also comes with an easy installation procedure and simple maintenance protocol. With a built-in web server, the programming and functionality set-up can be done even with remote presence from our regional stations/ offices.

It is an ideal choice for any industry type from healthcare to accounting and sales.

We offer the flexibility for any business size- small scale or medium scale one with a cost-effective set-up arranged for your telephone system. With multiple communication ports, Telephonic System Engineer helps you manage the different call features needed to keep your business in good shape.

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