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How To Choose The Right Business Phone System - Telephone System Engineer Services

How To Choose The Right Business Phone System

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If you are looking for a new business telephone system, it is important to choose the right system, for this you will need to know which options you have, this article will cover the different types of system which are PBX, IP PBX and Hosted Cloud Systems.

Below we try and explain the different types of system and keep it simple for you to understand.


PBX System are traditional systems which are most common, they operate through phone likes such as analogue lines or ISDN lines. The main control unit of the system is kept within your business premises.

Pros: PBX systems are reliable and most business are comfortable with this technology as it has been around for many, many years.

Cons: These systems are slowly being fazed out by providers as BT will be making their Analogue and ISDN infrastructure redundant starting from 2020. To learn more about this Click Here.

IP PBX systems work like your PBX system, the main control unit will be located on the business premises, the difference is an IP PBX will not connect to Analogue or ISDN lines but through a VoIP line (Voice over Internet Protocol)

You will need to have a good internet connected to have a good quality voice.

Pros: You have the same control over your system as a traditional PBX. This type of system is best for businesses who want total control.

Cons: This system has a significant upfront cost and on-site maintenance will be required.

Hosted Cloud Systems

Hosted cloud systems are maintained by the service provider in the cloud, there is no maintenance to worry about other then the handset. The main control unit is maintained and upgraded by the provider so there is no need to worry about unexpected expenditure as most will come with many options. There is also no minimum limit to users, this system can grow as your business grows without any nasty surprises.

Pros: The provider will maintain the system, the provider will also carry out any changes to programming you require, you do not need to have a dedicated person on site looking after the system.

Cons: You are not in control of the hardware, if the system goes down then you have to rely on the provider to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Most common FAQs we answer

If you are still unsure of the system you require, below we have put the most common questions we answer to our customers.

Questions: Do I really need a Business Telephone System?

Answer: Our most common answer is YES! When you look at how much a business depends on their phone line, most successful business have a system in place which handles the calls, not to mention that a Business Phone System also provides your business with a professional image and will allow your employees to work efficiently and stay connected to your customers.

Question: Are VoIP lines any good?

Answer: It really depends on the service provider you choose, you should request a trial to test out the line quality at your premises. VoIP lines are defiantly moved on a lot in the last 5 years, now the quality is equal if not better than traditional lines. It all depends on the internet speed you are getting at your location.

Questions: How do I know which system is right for my business?

Answer: This really comes down to you the decision maker, before making a decision you have to ask yourself, do I want to maintain the system in house, my internet is not that good? If the answer is yes then an IP PBX may be suited to you, if you are thinking I want the system fully managed and like the flexibility to add and remove users at will then a Hosted Cloud system may be best suited if you have high speed internet.

Question: What features are available of a Hosted Cloud System?

Answer: Hosted Cloud System are normally feature rich, there are many features such as:

Voicemail to Email
Call Forwarding
Call Recording
Call Groups
Time Profiles
IVR Menu’s ( Press 1, Press 2..)
Call Queues
Conference Calling
Call Transferring
Music On Hold
Missed Call Notification

Questions: We have remote workers, what type of system do I need?

Answer: If your business have remote workers then the best systems would be an IP PBX or a Hosted Cloud system, both system have the ability to have remote workers, however the costs on a IP PBX can be expensive to set this up, this feature is a standard feature on a Hosted Cloud System and you would not have to pay any extra for this.

If you still have any questions or you would like to discuss your individual requirements then we would be happy to have a chat and go through the options available to your business. Please give us a call on 0808 254 0055 or Contact us.

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